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Queens Car Accident Attorneys

Queens Car Accident LawyersBoland Injury Lawyers. P.C. understands how terrible and life-changing injuries stemming from a car accident can be for you and your family. Whether you were injured by a drunk or irresponsible motorist, or a faulty product, our attorneys will make sure you get reimbursed. Medical costs, missed earnings, and other financial concerns can rapidly add up, so it’s critical to have legal representation who can fight for you.

A car accident can be an extremely distressing and unpleasant experience. If you were injured in a car accident, you may be entitled to compensation.

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What Evidence Is Gathered for a Car Accident Claim in New York City?

In our decades of practice, the Queens car accident lawyers at Boland Injury Lawyers have handled numerous vehicle accident lawsuits. We will have to establish that you were the victim of your accident and that the other person was to blame in order to develop a case that obtains you the greatest financial compensation. The following are the most prevalent types of evidence that we will utilize to effectively achieve your settlement:

  • Testimony of witnesses;
  • Photographs of the scene;
  • According to police reports;
  • Reports from insurance companies;
  • Medical expenses;
  • There is video proof;
  • Reconstruction of an accident.

While some evidence will be obtained through the police report and the immediate aftermath of the accident, other factors may necessitate the attendance of an expert witness. We have dealt with numerous automobile accident professionals who are just as enthusiastic about advocating for injured parties as we are, and we can enlist their assistance in your case. However, because you have a deadline for filing, we will want to begin analyzing any evidence supporting your claim.

Why Do You Need a Car Accident Lawyer?

Victims of motor vehicle accidents may sustain significant injuries. Broken bones, concussions, lacerations, and even loss of movement are examples of these. Victims of vehicle accidents who experience serious injuries may be entitled to compensation. Medical bills, missed wages, and other expenses may be covered by compensation.

Receiving this compensation, however, is impossible without adequate legal assistance. Insurance companies frequently contest who was at fault and frequently downplay the severity of your injuries in order to limit the amount you are reimbursed.

These corporations routinely underpay and question vehicle accident victims in order to avoid giving them fair compensation. Even if it is evident that you are the victim, they will ask who was responsible for the accident. They may doubt and downplay the seriousness of your injuries.

With the help of an expert automobile accident attorney, you will be able to identify whether insurance companies are using victim-blaming methods and fight for the reimbursement you deserve. A skilled lawyer will be able to:

  • Conduct a thorough inquiry into the accident;
  • Gather evidence, such as videos and witness statements;
  • Create a compelling case to demonstrate that you were not at fault;
  • Determine who is to blame;
  • Make a deal with the insurance companies;
  • Evaluate and present your injuries correctly to ensure you earn the greatest compensation from your accident claim.

Keeping Evidence

The first step toward maximizing an automobile accident victim’s rehabilitation is to preserve all evidence related to the event. Evidence can take various forms, and all of them can help strengthen a victim’s case.

The following are some examples of typical types of evidence that should be kept in a vehicle accident case:

  • Physical evidence

Preserving physical evidence may entail photographing the vehicle damage or securing the cars for investigation. While your car may need to be repaired following an accident, always take lots of photos with a time and date stamp on them and have one or more expert repair shops offer a thorough written estimate of the damage prior to repairs. You should take photographs of yourself as well as the car if you have evident bodily injuries from the collision.

  • Witness testimonies

The statements of neutral witnesses to an accident can go a long way toward showing carelessness, or culpability, in an accident. Although a police report may include witness identity and contact information, it is advised not to depend on it. It would most likely be very beneficial if you can talk with witnesses at the scene of the accident and obtain contact information. If not, it may be essential to dispatch an investigator to try to identify witnesses from neighboring establishments or households to confirm your account of events.

  • Weather and road conditions

Road and weather conditions can both play a part in an automobile accident. A badly planned or maintained highway, for example, might have contributed to the accident. Similarly, a faulty traffic light may have caused a collision. The weather might also play a problem if another driver fails to reduce his or her speed for unfavorable weather conditions. All of these potentially important situations must be recorded using photographs, official reports, or records.

Injuries Caused by Different Types of Car Accidents

Vehicle accident injuries are classified into two types: impact injuries and penetration injuries.

  1. Impact injuries

These are typically caused by a body component colliding with an interior vehicle surface, such as a steering wheel, dashboard, windshield, or headrest. Broken and crushed bones, wounded internal organs, and internal bleeding is all common outcomes of impact injuries. Whiplash and head trauma are two more types of impact injuries that can cause spinal cord injury, brain damage, and concussion. While seat belts and airbags help reduce the severity of many crash injuries, they cannot eliminate all of them. Airbags are useful in head-on and rear-end crashes, but not in side-impact incidents such as T-bones.

  1. Penetration Injury

Cuts, lacerations, and punctures are examples of penetration injuries sustained by a victim in an automobile accident. Broken glass or shredded metal from a car’s frame can cause these types of penetrating injuries. They can also be caused by loose things in the car that become airborne projectiles during a collision. In the commotion and wreckage of an accident, seemingly harmless objects such as pens, mobile phones, coffee cups, glass bottles, and aluminum cans can inflict major puncture injuries.

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What Types of Damages Can I Recover Following a Car Accident?

Our experienced attorneys can help you seek both economic and non-economic damages from the at-fault insurance provider.

Economic damages will account for all of the financial losses you have suffered as a result of your injury, from medical expenses to missed pay while you are out of work. Non-economic damages, on the other hand, may encompass any and all of your personal losses, ranging from emotional upset to physical discomfort. With the assistance of an expert, you may be able to seek financial compensation for the following damages following an automobile accident:

  • Current medical costs, including ambulance and emergency room expenditures;
  • Future medical expenses;
  • Property damage and loss;
  • Suffering and pain;
  • The expenditures of physical treatment and rehabilitation;
  • Wages have been lost;
  • Loss of a job or earning potential;
  • If you have lost anyone, you may be entitled to wrongful death compensation.

Damages will ultimately be determined by the sort of harm you have experienced and the applicable liability plans. Brain injuries, for example, can result in a variety of physical and psychological problems, such as mood swings and PTSD.

Even if a spinal cord injury does not impede your cognitive function, it may cause emotional issues as you manage your situation. To guarantee that you obtain every penny owing to you as a consequence of an accident, you’ll need an attorney who can thoroughly review your case and acquire all required evidence to support your claim.

How Our Car Accident Attorneys Can Assist?

When you are wounded in an automobile accident, your claim must be reviewed by an insurance company to decide how much it is willing to pay. Insurance firms have skilled attorneys on their side, looking out for their best interests. This includes settling your claim for the smallest sum feasible. To fight for you and safeguard your rights, you need an experienced law company that specializes in these sorts of situations.

Insurance companies examine your claim to determine how much they are prepared to pay to settle your claim. Hiring an expert automobile accident attorney to assist you in preparing your claim and protecting your rights will ensure that the insurance companies do not get away with paying the bare minimum.

Bottom Line

The Queens car accident lawyers at Boland Injury Lawyers, P.C. go to work on your case right away and actively prosecute it throughout the litigation process. We also maintain frequent client communication and keep our clients completely informed of the status of their claims. We begin by looking into all probable reasons for your automobile accident. We get videos, find witnesses, gather all relevant medical data, and painstakingly prepare for trial. Furthermore, we promise to pursue maximum compensation on your behalf for:

  • Medical costs and expenses from the past and future;
  • Suffering and pain;
  • Wages were lost; and
  • Other types of relief are available.

Call today for your free consultation so we can begin working on your case.

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