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Truck AccidentDid you know that as per the 2018 crash records, there were around 3,290 truck accidents in Queens, NYC, accounting for 21.8 percent of all accidents?

Every day, around 97,000 trucks plus commercial vehicles pass through the city limits of New York. Having a truck pass by your vehicle has you suck your breath in for a second or so until it bypasses you. This is because truck accidents are so common these days and leave behind such severe property damages that recovering from them becomes extremely difficult at times. Not to forget, they also pose serious risk to human life as well.

God forbid if you or anyone you know has been involved in a truck accident, you might know of its severe outcome. The financial hardships are quite difficult to deal with during that time, which is why it is suggested to file a case to hold the damaging party liable for the damages and get the compensation you so rightfully deserve. All of this procedure can become a whole lot easier if you have the right lawyer and law firm by your side.

Types of Truck Accidents

First and foremost, thing for you to know is the types of truck accidents so that it becomes easier for you to self-classify whether or not what you’ve been involved in can be classified as such:

  1. When a big rig bends so that the car creates a 90° angle with the trailer, it’s known as jackknifing. It typically happens when a driver stops forcefully and rapidly.
  2. When a truck driver loses command, it might slide as well as roll over into its sides, engulfing unsuspecting drivers.
  3. Tire blowouts can occur to any automobile, sending it careening in unpredictable ways. This can endanger the operator as well as many other motorists.
  4. A wide bend occurs when a driver initially directs or “tilts” right to perform a left turn. Whenever a motorist is unaware of following vehicles or the environment on the right side, it might trap automobiles or passengers.
  5. Blind spots on trucks are so common that they’ve earned the moniker “No Man’s Land.” Whenever a driver can’t notice oncoming cars while changing direction, it puts them in grave risk of getting hit, squashed, or thrown off the road.
  6. Rear-end truck incidents can result in major destruction of property, devastating injuries, and even death caused by the weight of huge trucks.
  7. Small cars arriving from behind can become trapped underneath a truck’s trailer as it comes to a dead halt. As a consequence, underride collisions are among the bloodiest trucking collisions ever observed.
  8. Inadequately loaded freight and truck loads can drop out, posing a serious threat to surrounding vehicles and resulting in multi-car collisions.
  9. Tractor-trailer accidents are almost always the deadliest, resulting in significant disability or even death.
  10. When a truck driver passes a red signal and collides with some other automobile perpendicularly, a T-bone collision might happen.

What to do When You Get Involved in a Truck Accidents in Queens

If you’ve been hurt in a catastrophic truck accident in Queens, you could be feeling helpless while you try to heal from your injuries. It’s also possible that you’re focusing more on your accident compensation than on your recuperation. One of the grounds you should contact Boland Injury Lawyers, P.C. and attorneys as soon as possible is because of this.

A commercial truck accident lawyer knows exactly what to do in order for you to receive your rightful payout. Which is why if you’ve been unfortunately involved in a truck accident in Queens, do visit Boland Lawyers as soon as you are ready to take on this lawsuit.

Who Can Be Held Liable for a Truck Accident?

In most truck collisions, a detailed, legal examination is required to understand what transpired and why. A thorough examination of the circumstances may reveal that one or more entities are to blame for the crash. They might comprise following, either independently or in varying configurations:

  1. Truck driver: Due to irresponsible activity such as exceeding the speed limit, drowsy or preoccupied driving, a trucker may have got into an accident. There could be criminal accusations underway, which could lead to a conviction. A truck driver is also in charge of examining the rig for regular maintenance and cargo stacking. If a truck accident is caused by a maintenance issue or a cargo movement, the driver may share some of the blame.
  2. Carrier company: The vehicles as well as truck drivers that a transportation business puts on the roadway are its responsibility. This encompasses responsibility for recruitment and training methods, which could be a concern if the company that employs drivers with a history of driving or FMCSA regulation violations, or if corporate documentation does not show sufficient training. Occasionally, records or employee statements reveal that a carrier encourages employees to cut shortcuts on FMCSA hours of service (HOS) limitations or vehicle maintenance and examination regulations in order to save money.
  3. Cargo loader and shipper: Certain carriers work as independent subcontractors, transporting cargo for other businesses. They may convey stuff that is protected for the duration of their interaction with it. Single parties in such a transaction – the cargo source, carrier, loading, and transportation – are each accountable for complying with appropriate federal and state standards and can be found accountable if they are irresponsible. If a truck accident is caused by a cargo shift or other cargo concerns, records from all parties associated with the cargo, such as the carrier, must be requested and investigated.
  4. Additional merchants: Based on the scale of a carrier’s activities, outsourcing work may be handled by a number of contractors. Governance arrangements, such as hiring drivers or completing background investigations and drinking / substance tests, as well as truck upkeep, repairs, and coordinating duties, or any other aspect of corporate management, fall under this category. To find cargo deliveries for their trucks, several companies deal with intermediaries. If a third-party vendor’s misconduct leads to a truck accident, they may be held accountable.
  5. Manufacturers of trucks and components: Occasionally truck collisions are induced by the truck or one of its individual elements malfunctioning, such as tyre implosions, brake malfunctions, or suspension or connection (kingpin) system issues. This could be a technical problem, but if the failing part or system was incorrect from the beginning, a based-on negligence claim could be filed against the manufacturer and distributor.
  6. Vendors and governmental organizations: If a road problem, such as a soft border or cracked concrete, causes a truck incident, such as an overturn, the local or state administration in charge of that section of route could be held liable. If the work they did produced a problem or if a work area set up led to a crash, a government-hired maintenance contractor might be held accountable as well.

Evidences Which Can Strengthen Your Case

A good and compassionate Queens truck accident lawyer will help collect as much evidence as they can to help you strengthen your case so that you get the maximum compensation. However, we have compiled a list of strong evidences for you to have a heads up:

  1. Employee documents, such as driver licenses and proof of pre – employment screening
  2. Contracts for the rental of commercial transport trucks
  3. Records of upkeep and repairs for the truck concerned
  4. Technological data from an electronic data recorder (EDR) regarding what transpired shortly before and after the incident.
  5. The working and relaxation hours of a driver are recorded in driver logs.
  6. Any proof that the truck’s examinations did not fulfil the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Standards
  7. New York trucking restrictions or safety requirements
  8. The incident scene was examined by an expert.
  9. Documents on the contents of the cargo and the balance
  10. Proof saying the vehicle was transporting hazardous cargo without taking the necessary safety procedures, as mandated by federal and state trucking regulations.
  11. The accident was documented by police reports and witness testimonies.

Compensation You Should Feel Entitled to:

When you’ve been injured in a truck accident, a Queens truck accident lawyer and attorney will help you make sure you get the reimbursement you feel entitled. Compensation could include:

  1. Hospital expenses incurred as a result of an accident – this may encompass the estimation of future medical treatment.
  2. The wages as well as revenue you lose as a result of your truck accident injury – You may be eligible to reimbursement if your future earning potential is similarly impacted.
  3. The expense of repairing or replacing your home – Your vehicle and personal belongings may have been severely damaged in an NYC truck collision. These damages may be covered by compensation.
  4. Psychological and physical discomfort, as well as death and misery – After a truck accident, you may have long-term discomfort as well as significant disorders such as anxiety. You can seek this compensation as part of a vehicle accident action.