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Bus Accident Lawyers Queens

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Bus AccidentAll of us have seen many road accidents in our lives. Accidents have always been a disturbing sight. The damage that takes place during it can involve both the vehicle and life loss, or sometimes, it can cause a temporary or permanent injury to people. The question is, why do accidents happen?
Negligence is the answer. It can be from anyone’s side. Either the driver might be in a rush, or the pedestrian may be crossing the road blindly. Perhaps the person responsible for keeping the roads prim and proper didn’t bother to do it, and an accident resulted because the road was bumpy.
Negligence of transport bus drivers can also lead to an increased number of road accidents. We specifically mentioned it because a person driving a vehicle as big as a bus must drive responsibly. His one driving mistake can damage a lot of small vehicles and pedestrians. The transport authority is held accountable if something like this happens.
We would like to discuss one of the transport authorities in New York and the details related to the accidents they have been held responsible for. If you’ve suffered due to an accident and are looking for a solution, contact Boland Injury Lawyers.

What Is MTA?

MTA is a well-known transportation company located in New York. It is a government-owned company that manages public transportation. The metropolitan transportation authority has its network spread in more than 10 New York counties. When owning a car seems to put a lot of burden on one’s pocket, the transportation service provided by MTA proves to be low-cost and effective. But this system is not immune to incidents causing harm to passengers, drivers, and bystanders.

What Causes MTA Accidents?

MTA is the largest transportation system in North America and is responsible for more than 12 million people in New York. When these many people are traveling through the MTA service, accidents are bound to happen. Boarding and managing a large number of people daily is not an easy task, and this is why road accidents caused by public transport drivers are a reality that the citizens of New York have accepted.
When it comes to dealing with traffic and several passengers, public transport drivers have several difficulties. Unfortunately, despite being the largest public transit system, the MTA isn’t equipped with enough training and preparedness for any emergency.
The bus drivers responsible for conveying a large number of passengers have many other responsibilities like maintaining public safety on the bus. They must also drive in a way that does not cause any damage to the walkers and other automobiles. This is what the MTA fails to do. While sharing the road with MTA buses, all these people don’t feel safe and face additional hazards.
When you do the math, you’ll realize that negligent public transportation driving puts many people in danger. This is why it is important to have legal protection if any injury or accident occurs due to MTA services. This especially applies in the case of injuries needing medical attention, rehabilitation, or time away from work.

Role of Bus Accident Lawyers in MTA Accident Cases

Law firms and attorneys play a crucial role in bus accident cases. The question is, what is the right time to contact them? Just after the accident has taken place. All the passengers and people involved in a bus accident are represented by bus accident lawyers legally.
When it comes to an accident for which MTA is responsible, the Bus Accident Lawyers Queens follow a proper process to file a complaint against it. The process of filing a personal injury claim against government-owned public transportation is regulated by the state and local municipality laws. An MTA accident lawyer will file a notice of claim with the MTA for you and make sure that you are compensated for the injuries you have got.
Other than this, you will be kept aware by them of the specific statute limitation laws that also involve the deadline for filing a personal injury lawsuit. However, every state has different rules for filing a claim against a government organization, so consult a lawyer to get a better knowledge of it.

Bus Accident Lawyers Queens

MTA also provides its transportation services in Queens, a borough in NYC. MTA accidents also happen daily in Queens. A Queens MTA accidents lawyer must be consulted to report or file a case against such an accident. Boland Injury Lawyers are the most trusted ones at Queens. They will help you get compensation for the damages you face and be there throughout all legal matters.

What Are the Claimable Damages?

Injuries caused by any accident can be claimed by the one responsible for it. You don’t have to bear the burden of extra medical costs on your own as it was not your fault. The damages of which you have the authority to claim are:
Health-care costs – All the amount spent restoring your health after the injury caused by the accident.
Effects on your pay – Due to getting hurt in the MTA accident, you may have to stay away from work for a few days, which might affect your pay. This damage is also claimable.
Suffering and pain – This is the emotional pain you go through while going through post-accident trauma.
Contact an attorney to discuss the number of your losses and how you can get the money you need to treat your injuries and resume your regular life.

How We Can Help

Boland Injury Lawyers is a law firm with a team of excellent Queens MTA accident lawyers. They apply all their knowledge, skills, and experience to fight for you in whatever case you are stuck with. Bus accident claims can get complicated if a government agency is involved in them. Bus Accident Lawyers Queens at Boland Injury Lawyers help you deal with insurance companies (if applicable).
Other than this, they also negotiate on your behalf to get the settlement for your injuries. They also guide you through the legal process to ensure that you follow the right process and get the maximum compensation for your damages.