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How Queens Got its Name

March 8, 2023by Asim0

The Dutch were the first conquerors and settlers to reach Queens. However, in 1664, English forces seized the area and established it as a legitimate county soon. In 1683, the name Queens County was given in the honour of Catherine residing in Braganza, Charles II’s queen consort. It is often observed that on the contrary to Queen Catherine, the name was significantly used to honour queens of England, the queen of Scotland, and that of Ireland in general. Read on to get a deeper insight on Queens personal injury lawyer and its history.

An Insight into Queens and Its Landmass

The reason why Queens County continued to be referred to as “Queens” even after it was incorporated as one of the many New York City’s boroughs and a little more nuanced: No lone settlement in the county experienced the similar phenomenon and was recognized as the defining seat of Queens County, whereas the city of Brooklyn defined King’s County and gradually absorbed nearly every neighboring town. As a result, it was reckoned to give the borough of Queens the identical name as the neighboring county.

With a total land mass of approximately 109 square miles, Queens is the largest of the boroughs. Brooklyn is the next largest borough, covering 71 miles2; The smallest is Manhattan, which is only 23 square miles. However, Brooklyn has a larger population than Queens: Brooklyn is home to approximately 2,589,970 people, whereas Queens is home to 2,287,390. To give you some perspective, New Mexico has 2,129,190 people living in 121,697 square miles.

Being such a large borough in NY, people here are more likely to get injured or cause injuries to others, even due to negligence or an accident. Consulting with a personal injury lawyer is the best option that you must consider in such a scenario.

What is Personal Injury?

People have the legal right to seek compensation for wrongfully incurred damages through their lawyers or attorneys. One of the broadest areas of the law is the circumstances under which a person seeks to recover in court for physical, mental, reputational, or property damage caused by another person, a business, a municipality, or another government agency. The best thing you can opt for is legal consultation when you get stuck in an accident or find yourself in a difficult position. Thus, it is highly vital to look for the best attorneys to proceed with your case.

This law covers injuries caused by both physical and mental forms. To get the most money for your injury claim, Queens personal injury lawyer can help you document your loss of income and earning potential. The first step is to gather evidence that your injury caused you to lose money.

Whom to Contact?

Fighting for compensation is essential for most people who have been hurt in a personal injury accident. When all you want is to get better, you may feel that confronting the liable parties is an uphill battle you will never win.

However, some law firms in Queens specialize in personal injury laws and have attorneys that can represent you in court against those who have harmed you. You can get fair compensation with the help of their injury attorneys.


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