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How to Know if Your Brain Injury is Permanent or Temporary

October 3, 2022by Asim

Traumatic Brain Injury or TBI are the disruptions that prevent the brain from functioning correctly and efficiently. It can be caused by a severe blow or bump to the head, objects hitting the head, or even sharp-edged objects piercing the skull that enter the initial brain tissue, rendering a person with TBI.

Here are the observed disruption that occurs in a person with TBI,

  • Loss or reduced Consciousness
  • Loss of memory or amnesia
  • Focal neurological deficiencies like loss of vision, change in speech, and muscle weaknesses
  • Changes in normal mental states include slow thinking, difficulty concentrating, and disorientation.

Traumatic brain injury symptoms can be divided into three different forms; these forms are, severe, moderate, and mild. Severe injuries can result in a coma or even death; moderate injuries are an extended period of unconsciousness and losing mental capabilities to think, concentrate, and understand temporarily. Mild injuries can briefly change Consciousness or mental state.

Types of Brain Injuries

TBI can take different forms depending on the impact of the injury and the part getting affected by it. Here are a few most common types of traumatic brain injuries.


Hematoma is a type of TBI where the blood gets clotted in the victim’s brain or on its surface. It can or may appear in any part of the brain.


A contusion is like bruises on the brain, which can occur in any part of the brain, rendering a person with severe TBI. It consists of a swollen or bruised brain intermixed with blood leaking out of the artery.

Intracerebral Hemorrhage

Intracerebral hemorrhages are internal bleeding that occurs in the brain. It can be caused by any injuries. However, the size of it determines whether it can be treated or not.

Diagnosis of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Radiological Tests

The most common and profound test to diagnose a brain injury to evaluate the type of injury and whether it’s temporary or permanent is a computed tomography scan, known as a CT scan. Through this test, a specialist can determine the severity of the injury while evaluating the injury in detail. It is the most accurate and the best test that can provide all the necessary information to the physician to treat the injury and also consult lawyers like the Queens brain injury lawyer in extreme cases.

What are the Causes of Traumatic Brain Injuries?

Traumatic Brain Injuries mainly occur from severe injuries to the head. It can be caused by a workspace injury, slip and fall, or even falling objects in a construction area. Thus, it is important to consider talking to law firms.

Best Queens Brain Injury Lawyer

In America, around 80,000-90,000 people get injured in the head and get traumatic brain injuries. And the number of victims in Queens is relatively high compared to other states, which mainly occurs from work-related injuries, slip and fall concussions, and road accidents. The treatment of TBI is costly; needless to say, it can rob a person of his working abilities. This is why it is necessary to get compensated for it through attorneys if a person has gotten TBI due to the negligence of others.

And to do that, you must consider consulting with the best Queens brain injury lawyer. So, make sure to consult with a reputed law firm to get in contact with the most profound attorney to assist you with your case.