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How to Know When To Seek Medical Attention After a Slip and Fall

August 30, 2022by Asim0

Injuries from slips and falls are probably the most common instances happening at workplaces despite due care and attention. More than a thousand injuries may take place in this category in a single day. Slippery floor, wobbly railings, weak foundation, and even loss of balance can result in unthinkable injuries. Some workers might be lucky for having contracted no or minor injuries, while some may also get bedridden, or even physically incapable. People usually assume injuries to be physical, but one may also suffer mental suffering after a slip and fall. It does not matter what type of injury has occurred, the more crucial part mandatory for all such instances should be to seek immediate medical attention.

Yes, it is also essential to consult a specialized Queens slip and fall attorney like ours to take legal action. However, firstly, if anybody around you has fallen into a similar situation, you must help them by paying a visit to a qualified doctor as soon as possible.

Here is how to know if you or your co-worker should seek medical attention after a slip and fall case.

Noticeable Physical Injuries

These are the loudest and strongest indications of seeking medical consultation wherein you or someone else may experience a physical injury after slipping or falling. The victim may report a bone fracture or deep bruises calling for medical treatment. You might not be able to judge the severity of the injury; so, never delay in taking the injured person to a certified clinic. You should consider medical attention necessary in the following situations of physical injuries.

  • Cuts
  • Bruises
  • Sprains
  • Open wounds
  • Head injuries
  • Back stiffness
  • Hip dislocation
  • Twisted organs
  • Cut toes/ fingers
  • Fractures anywhere
  • Other physical impairments

Unseen Physical Injuries

Remember that it is not always necessary for the person to show up with physical injuries after the slip and fall situation. Sometimes, the injuries take time to cause pain or marks. So, even if you or other victims do not notice a physical injury, it is wise to visit a competent doctor for a proper diagnosis. The doctor will conduct tests and ask for an X-ray if required to know any type of injuries not visible to the eyes at that particular moment. This may include the following.

  • Concussions
  • Internal bleeding
  • Hairline fracture
  • Soft tissue damage
  • And more internal injuries

Traces of Mental Discomfort

As concerned and knowledgeable Queens slip and fall lawyers, we also try to educate our clients about mental health and mental discomfort, especially after slips and falls. So, if you notice the injured person feeling nausea, dizziness, headache, and similar mental changes, you must ask for medical help.

While you or your co-worker seek medical attention and go through the recovery period, let us take over the paperwork for compensation and more. Consult an experienced and qualified Queens slip and fall lawyer from our law firm to get your medical expenses reimbursed besides filing for the compensation efficiently.


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