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Personal Injury Case Statistics in Queens, NY

November 8, 2022by Asim0

Personal Injury Case Statistics | An analysis of crash statistics released by the NYPD shows that 29,257 accidents involving motor vehicles occurred in Queens overall in 2021-2022. In Nyc that same year, 29% of all traffic accidents were caused by it. There were more incidents alone in Brooklyn.

11,536 of the 29,257 auto incidents in Queens that were documented in 2021 had at minimum one disability or fatality. 12,738 persons were hurt in traffic accidents in Queens that same year. An estimated 65 people died in car accidents in 2021.

Which Car Mishaps Occur Most Frequently In Queens?

Not every automobile collision involves two tiny passenger vehicles. One little car and a different type of vehicle are frequently involved in car crashes.

The most frequent categories of road accidents in 2021 were:

  • Truck collisions (1,209)
  • Pickup truck collisions (1,102)
  • Bicycle collisions (687)
  • Bus collisions (480)
  • Taxi collisions (469)
  • Motorcycle collisions (452)
  • Amazon delivery vehicles are examples of small business vehicles (163 in total)

Car accidents affect everyone involved, not just the passengers. After a collision, it’s crucial to think about your responsibilities, whether you were a pedestrian, on a bicycle, or in another car.

What Is the Main Factor in Car Crashes in Queens?

In Queens, whatever could be a factor in an automobile accident. Some influencing elements, nevertheless, tend to be more important than others. The following were some of the main reasons for crashes in Queens in 2020-2021:

  • Driver lack of attention and inattentive driving (5,756)
  • Too eager to catch (2,633)
  • Not granting the right to proceed (2,554)
  • Hazardous lane misuse or passing (1,266)
  • Speeding (1,021 accidents)
  • Ignoring a stop sign or signalized intersection (909)
  • Failing to give enough room when overtaking (718)
  • Unseasoned riders (498)
  • Alcohol and drug abuse (395)
  • Driving while fatigued (126)

It’s vital to remember that car crashes can occur in New York for a variety of causes. If you wish to maximize your economic recovery, it is essential to pinpoint every potential legal cause.

Which Queen’s Junctions and Streets Are the Riskiest?

Some of Nyc City’s worst hazardous roadways are in Queens. In actuality, Queens does have the highest amount of non-intersection incidents of any district. In Queens, there have been 7,495 traffic accidents in 2021. This was the cause of 37% of all non-intersection accidents in NYC that same year. In a minimum 2,889 of such collisions, someone was hurt or killed. In Queens, the following roadways experience the most collisions:

  • Queens Boulevard
  • Jamaica Avenue
  • Union Turnpike
  • Woodhaven Boulevard
  • Northern Boulevard
  • Hillside Avenue
  • South Conduit Avenue
  • Intersections in Queens are also incredibly dangerous.

All Told:

  1. 49 road deaths occurred in Queen’s junctions, and 9,773 injuries occurred there as well.
  2. 21,761 crashes occurred at Queen’s junctions in 2021, and 8,646 of those accidents caused at least one fatality or injury.

Among the biggest districts in New York is Queens. Highways can be dangerous to drive on & traffic jams can be a misery. It is not surprising to find 34 to 36 car crashes daily in Queens, Nyc, according to data.

Call a personal injury law firm in Queens, New York, as soon as possible if you are injured in one of these car accidents. One can seek the highest compensation possible for medical costs, lost earnings, and suffering and pain by working with an expert Personal Injury attorney Queens.


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