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Queens’ Music Scene: Exploring Live Music Venues and Local Bands

October 31, 2023by Asim

Queens has always been a melting pot of various musical genres, reflecting a rich history steeped in aural tradition. From the soothing tunes of jazz to the energetic beats of hip-hop, the borough’s music scene is a vibrant expression of its diverse community. This musical tapestry not only entertains but also unites people, creating a shared cultural narrative that resonates through the streets of Queens. Among the many members of this close-knit community is Boland Injury Lawyers, P.C., a firm deeply rooted in the local ethos. Our connection to Queens fuels our dedication to serving its residents, mirroring the harmonious rhythm that defines this musically enriched borough.

Live Music Venues in Queens


LIC Bar is located at 45-58 Vernon Blvd, in the Hunters Point area of Queens. This place is known for its great beer selection and live music performances. It’s particularly appreciated for its outdoor courtyard where live music is played, especially on Sunday afternoons, providing a cozy and down-to-earth ambiance for its patrons.

Terraza 7

Situated in Elmhurst, Terraza 7 is a venue that stands out for its live jazz and blues performances. It’s not only a music venue but also a bar, providing a lively atmosphere for music lovers. The venue seems to be open to all, making it an inclusive space for enjoying live music​۔

Forest Hills Stadium

Located at 1 Tennis Pl, Forest Hills, this stadium is highlighted for its concerts. It’s an open venue but has seating arrangements and is noted for being easily accessible via public transportation. The venue also offers a variety of local foods and beers, making it a great place for outdoor concerts.

The Wolfhound

The Wolfhound, located in Astoria, Queens, is a venue that offers live music along with a bar setting. Besides music, patrons can enjoy darts and the unique feature of having Prosecco on tap. It’s a place where comfort food meets live music, providing a relaxed atmosphere for an evening out​5​.

These venues reflect the diverse musical scene in Queens, ranging from outdoor concerts to cozy bars with live jazz performances. Whether you’re in the mood for a large concert or a more intimate musical experience, Queens has a variety of live music venues to choose from.

Local Bands and Artists in Queens

Arden Altino

Arden Altino is a musician listed under the category of musicians from Queens, New York, on Wikipedia. Although the details are limited on the page, it’s a starting point to explore the variety of musicians hailing from Queens.

Ted Atkatz

Ted Atkatz is another artist from Queens, NY, who shares the list with Arden Altino on Wikipedia. Again, while the details are limited on the page, Ted’s presence on the list highlights the diverse talent found in Queens.

Frankie Banali

Frankie Banali is known as a musician from Queens and is noted alongside other artists from the region on Wikipedia. Frankie’s inclusion in the list is a testament to the musical talent bred in Queens.


Rewind-Live, a lively Classic Rock and Oldies Party Band, made its debut on the New York live music circuit in 2016. Originating with two cornerstone members, the charismatic lead vocalist and guitarist, Teddy, along with the adept bassist, Frank, the band has been gracing the live stages, celebrating and showcasing the vibrant musical heritage inherent in Queens, NY.

Marley Marl

Marley Marl, born Marlon Williams, is an American DJ, record producer, rapper, and record label founder who grew up in the Queensbridge housing projects located in Queens, New York. He has been influential in the hip-hop music scene and is credited with influencing several hip-hop icons, such as RZA and DJ Premier.

These artists and bands not only illustrate the vibrant and diverse music scene in Queens but also the wide range of musical genres and styles that have emerged from this culturally rich borough of New York City.


The narrative of Queens’ lively music scene, entwined with legal intricacies, underscores a resonant community tale. Through various lenses, we’ve glimpsed the mutual rhythm between music and law, each reinforcing the other in a melody of communal growth. The vibrant local bands, dedicated venue operators, and supportive legal frameworks echo a tune of enduring harmony. As the beat continues, the invitation to delve deeper into this musical dialogue stands. Exploring Queens’ music scene can offer a richer appreciation of the community’s unique ensemble. This journey accentuates an enduring tune, where community, music, and law compose the harmonious score of Queens’ distinctive culture.

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