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What is Personal Injury Protection?

January 2, 2023by Asim

PIP insurance, i.e., Personal injury protection insurance will pay for your medical care and lost wages if you or a passenger in your car are in an accident. If you or someone in your car gets hurt in an accident, your Personal Injury Attorney Queens may be able to help pay for the costs, no matter who was at fault.

Personal injury protection (PIP) is a kind of car insurance that may assist you with covering medical costs if you or a passenger are in an accident. No-fault insurance or personal injury protection (PIP) may pay for funeral expenses, medical expenditures, lost wages, and caregiving.

Personal Injury Protection Coverage- In brief

In the event of an auto accident involving you or a client, personal injury protection coverage (often known as “no-fault insurance”) will pay for related medical and rehabilitation expenses. If you’re a pedestrian, bicyclist, or passenger in someone else’s automobile and buy a car, your PIP coverage will kick in.

Personal injury protection (PIP) policies only cover medical expenses, in contrast to bodily injury liability insurance, which may cover a variety of damages. In contrast, if you are at fault, liability insurance covers the medical expenses of others.

PIP insurance may duplicate some of the benefits of your health insurance or medical payments coverage. On the other hand, Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance is created only for injuries sustained in automobile accidents by standard medical policies. Several expenses are not covered by PIP insurance.

What Kinds of Injuries for Under PIP Insurance?

Because you get better from injuries you got in an accident, PIP insurance will pay for the medical care you need and reasonable costs related to your recovery. Payments may be made for a variety of costs, depending on the state:

  • Operations
  • Hospitalization
  • Continuous access to experts
  • May withhold a portion of your salary if you cannot work due to illness or injury.
  • Benefits and expenses related to funerals for accidental deaths
  • If you can’t take care of yourself, you may be able to get money back for things like babysitting or a maid.

When You Have Health Insurance, Do You Still Need PIP?

If you live in a state that requires PIP coverage, you should always file an allegation with your PIP insurance company before calling your company’s health insurance. Even if PIP insurance isn’t considered necessary in your state, it may be a good idea to get it because it can help pay for things like losing wages but also funeral costs if something bad happens.

Only in a few states, like New Jersey but also Michigan, is it legal for PIP coverage to work with your health insurance. For example, if you get hurt in a car accident in Michigan, someone’s health insurance coverage may pay for your medical bills. PIP, on the other hand, would pay for other financial losses, like lost wages.

Personal Injury Attorneys in Queens, NY

The Queens, New York, law firms aid organisations listed below may point you in the right direction should you require representation after suffering an injury due to someone else’s negligence. The Personal Injury law firm has been helping injured people in Queens get the money they are owed after an accident.

You may be entitled to monetary damages to make up for time spent out of work, money spent on medical care, and perhaps some recognition of the emotional distress you’ve endured.

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