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What to Expect During a Personal Injury Trial

May 2, 2023by Asim0

Sustaining injuries as a result of someone else’s negligence can be a traumatic experience. Seeking compensation for your damages through a personal injury lawsuit may be necessary. However, the prospect of going to trial can be daunting. That’s why it’s important to understand what to expect during a personal injury trial in Queens and how the expertise of Queens personal injury lawyers can assist you throughout the process.

Personal Injury Trial: What You Need to Know

Jury Selection

The first step in a personal injury trial is selecting a jury. During jury selection, the judge and attorneys will ask potential jurors questions to determine if they can be impartial and fair. Queens personal injury lawyers will play an important role in this process by helping to identify potential jurors who may be biased or have conflicts of interest.

Opening Statements

Once the jury is selected, the trial will begin with opening statements from both sides. Queens personal injury lawyers will present their case to the jury, outlining the evidence they plan to present and the damages they are seeking.

Presentation of Evidence

After opening statements, both sides will present their evidence. This may include witness testimony, expert opinions, medical records, and physical evidence such as photographs or video footage. Queens personal injury lawyers will work to present their evidence in a clear and compelling way to help the jury understand the full extent of the damages their client has suffered.


During the presentation of evidence, the opposing side will have the opportunity to cross-examine witnesses and challenge the evidence presented. Queens personal injury attorneys will be prepared to anticipate and counter any arguments or evidence presented by the opposing side.

Closing Arguments

After both sides have presented their evidence, they will make closing arguments to the jury. Queens personal injury lawyers will summarize their case and present a compelling argument for why their client deserves compensation for their damages.

Jury Deliberation and Verdict

Once closing arguments are complete, the jury will deliberate and reach a verdict. Queens personal injury lawyers will be present during deliberation and may provide additional guidance to the jury if necessary. Once a verdict is reached, the judge will enter a judgment and the case will be concluded.

Appeal Process

In some cases, one or both parties may choose to appeal the verdict. Queens personal injury lawyers can help guide clients through the appeals process, which may involve additional hearings, arguments, and evidence presentation.

Overall, the personal injury trial process can be complex and intimidating, but Queens personal injury lawyers can help guide clients through each step of the process. By presenting a strong case and advocating for their clients, Queens personal injury lawyers can work to ensure that their clients receive the compensation they deserve for their damages. A good attorney will keep fighting until you receive the best compensation. While not every case goes to trial, being prepared for the trial process can help ensure that your case is presented in the strongest possible light. If you’ve been injured due to the negligence of someone else, contact a Queens personal injury lawyer today to discuss your legal options and how to proceed with your case. A good way to find one is by searching for a law firm or law firms around your area, and choosing a firm with good reviews.


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