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When Should I Get Medical Treatment For My Car Accident Injuries?

May 11, 2022by Michael Boland0

Car collisions can be overwhelming because a person is unable to understand what should be done next. Anybody coming into such a situation is bound to question when it is right to visit a doctor. The reason is road accidents can make a person go numb for a while. The victim may or may not be in a state to make sense, rational decisions, and further actions. There are umpteen real-life scenarios where a person felt nothing at all right after being hit on the road but succumbed to internal injuries later. Thus, it becomes obvious to ask- when should I get medical treatment for my car accident injuries? Well, the answer should ideally be that there will be a need for immediate medical inspection. However, if you are asking this from a legal point of view, an expert Queens car accident lawyer will generally recommend the maximum delay to 72 hours.

You may ask why; the reason is that it will be essential to collect evidence in the forms of medical tests and drug prescriptions if you wish to file a lawsuit with the help of an informed lawyer. Without such proof, it will be difficult to make the wrongdoer liable in the court, and you may not even get hold of the legal remedies/ compensations. 

What to do if the injuries are minor?

We have seen ample instances where the victim kept pondering if his minor injuries demand medical attendance or not. Understandably, there might not always be a need to visit the emergency room. However, as per the opinion of our practiced attorney at Boland Injury Lawyers P.C., you must still seek medical consultation. It will help you in determining the internal injuries if any that can make the car hitter liable for compensation.

In other cases also, expert lawyers like ours can help you in building a strong case based on prescriptions or diagnosis reports. However, the need will be for medical attendance done soon after the accident. So, even if the injuries are minor, we suggest you get medically checked as soon as possible and no later than 72 hours.

What symptoms call for medical attention after a car accident?

One may lose track of time after having gone through a car accident. Thus, one must take note of the symptoms and act immediately. Our specialist Pittsburgh car accident Injuries lawyer says that the victim must not ignore headaches, nausea, dizziness, loss of appetite, mood changes, and similar symptoms that may seem to be casual. Such effects can point to brain, spinal cord, or other grave injuries.

We highly suggest you visit a qualified doctor so that he can do a thorough diagnosis of your state. If anything goes wrong, it will be essential to submit such lab reports to the court to make the culprit liable legally. An absence of such records or tests will make it difficult to file a lawsuit.

If you are ready with the requisite documents or seek legal aid, attorneys at Boland Injury Lawyers, P.C can assist you with whatever you may need.

Michael Boland

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